Deadly floods, landslides in eastern DR Congo

GOMA (DR Congo)— Two days of flooding and landslides in eastern DR Congo have claimed more than 20 lives, officials and police said.   At least 13 people were killed Friday at an illegal gold mine at Rubaya, in the North Kivu province territory of Masisi.   “The victims were ‘diggers’ who were in wells […]


‘Join forces’ for peaceful, prosperous continent, urges UN chief on Africa Industrialization Day

On Africa Industrialization Day, Sunday, the UN chief urged everyone to “join forces to build a more sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous continent for all”.   In his message commemorating the Day, Secretary-General António Guterres warned that countries across Africa are facing “a perfect storm”.   He cited armed conflicts; rising food and energy insecurity; “skyrocketing” […]


International association demands that colonialists return looted items

MEXICO— The Mexico office of the Association for the Reparation of Colonialism (ARC), aka “Colonialism Reparation,” called for the definitive restitution of the treasures looted by excolonizers from Mexico and other countries.   The office pointed out on its website that as a first step in the direction of repairing the damage caused by colonialism, […]

Africa Press Releases

L’exposition en ligne sur la coopération et les échanges culturels sino-africains « Wonderful Jinhua, Fascinating Africa » s’ouvre en Égypte

LE CAIRE, 19 novembre 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Le 17 novembre 2022, l’exposition en ligne sur la coopération et les échanges culturels entre la Chine et l’Afrique « Wonderful Jinhua, Fascinating Africa », qui est accueillie conjointement par le département provincial de la culture et du tourisme de Zhejiang et le gouvernement populaire municipal de Jinhua, et qui est organisée […]