IAEA Mission Reviews Bangladesh’s Regulatory Framework for Nuclear and Radiation Safety as Country Embarks on Nuclear Power Programme

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission said Bangladesh is committed to continuous improvement of nuclear and radiation safety. The mission also noted areas where improvements could be made to enhance the national nuclear and radiation safety regulatory infrastructure, as the country constructs its first nuclear power plant (NPP).   The Integrated Regulatory Review Service […]


Post-Brexit UK looks to Africa, Latin America

LONDON— Post-Brexit Britain must look beyond its traditional allies to emerging powers in Latin America, Asia and Africa, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly is set to say.   In a speech Monday at the Foreign Office, Cleverly will stress the need for long-term partnerships from trade to climate change, his office said.   The speech comes […]


US Pres Joe Biden to host African leaders at summit in Washington

WASHINGTON— The Biden administration is set to host about 50 African leaders in Washington for crucial conversations on health, democracy, climate change, and other topics.   Slated for Dec 13–15, the US-Africa Leaders Summit will provide heads of state the chance to discuss ways to fortify a mutually beneficial partnership that would create jobs and […]