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Quantexa Positioned by Global Risk Analyst Firm Chartis as a Category Leader in 2023 RiskTech 100 Report for Trade-Based Money Laundering Solutions

Chartis also gave top ranking to Quantexa’s Entity Resolution solution – addressing key data management challenges that are costing financial institutions millions LONDON, Dec. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Quantexa, a global leader in Decision Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, announced that their Decision Intelligence Platform has been recognized as a […]


What is Climate Change, and How Does Nuclear Help Measure and Monitor It?

From melting glaciers and shrinking lakes to destroyed harvests and increased health risks, the impacts of climate change are visible and tangible. A particular location’s climate can be described as its average weather conditions over a significant period of time, and climate change refers to shifts in those weather patterns. Warmer temperatures are changing weather […]


Sustainably Tapping into North Africa’s Groundwater Resources with Isotope Hydrology

There is more to freshwater resources than meets the eye. While fresh water is visible in the form of rivers, lakes and glaciers, fresh groundwater resources — hidden beneath the Earth — often go unseen.   Groundwater is found in spaces within soil, sand and rock, and is stored in, and moves slowly through, aquifers. […]


UN Experts Point to Rwandan Role in East DR Congo Rebel Crisis

Rwanda’s army “engaged in military operations” against DR Congo’s military in the country’s troubled east, according to a report by a group of independent United Nations experts seen by Agence France-Presse on Thursday. The experts said there was “substantial evidence” that the Rwandan army directly intervened in Congo’s fight against M23 rebels, and that it […]

Africa Press Releases

Synchronoss Announces More Than 30 Million RCS-Based Messaging Subscribers in Japan

Leveraging the Synchronoss Advanced Messaging Platform, NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, and SoftBank Deliver Cross-Operator Advanced Messaging Service Enabling Users and Brands to Communicate, Interact, and Transact BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Dec. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (“Synchronoss” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SNCR), a global leader and innovator in cloud, messaging and digital products and platforms, […]

Africa Press Releases

Activant la « Vision 2040 d’Oman », PowerChina établit de nouvelles normes en matière d’énergie renouvelable avec le projet photovoltaïque Ibri à Oman

PÉKIN, 21 décembre 2022/PRNewswire/ — Un reportage de : Selon un rapport publié récemment par le World Government Summit, Oman, la Jordanie, la Tunisie, les Émirats arabes unis, l’Algérie et le Maroc ont pris l’initiative d’atteindre 60 % des Objectifs de développement durable (ODD) pour 2030. Depuis le lancement de la « Vision 2040 d’Oman », Oman encourage la coopération […]