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AFP, SAPA end collaboration

JOHANNESBURG: GLOBAL news agency, Agence France Presse (AFP), has announced the end of its collaboration with South African Press Association (SAPA).

Harry Lee-Rudolph, Commercial Manager for AFP Southern Africa, said AFP’s English news content would no longer be available via SAPA.

“SAPA and AFP has had a long and mutually beneficial relationship and the decision to withdraw our news service from SAPA was not taken lightly.

“However, the changing media landscape in South Africa has necessitated the exploration of new commercial approaches in keeping with AFP’s growth goals for the African region,” he said.

AFP has a clear strategy to strengthen and enhance its coverage of Africa in all mediums.

“From a commercial perspective we will focus on supplying clients acomprehensive media package to  address all needs in terms of content and platform” Lee-Rudolph said.

AFP has 200 bureaus across the world in 150 countries of which 18 bureaus are based in sub-Saharan Africa. “AFP’s English news wire delivers some 600 dispatches a day on world and African news. It offers varied and wide-ranging coverage on international news, politics, economics, social issues, sport, culture and science.

SOURCE; CAJ News Agency