Angola Economic Outlook analyses macroeconomic indicators

The indicators of the country's macroeconomic performance, in light of the reforms boosted since 2018, will be under analysis at the 1st Edition of the Angola Economic Outlook AEO, to be held next Wednesday in Luanda.

According to a press release reached ANGOP Monday, the indicators will be analysed at the event, to be promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning in partnership with the magazine Economia and Mercado.

The meeting will also address issues on the macroeconomic reforms developed by the Government to remove internal and external imbalances in the economy.

The debate on the AEO 2023 will have as its starting point the gains made so far, such as resumption of the trajectory of positive fiscal balances and surplus balances on the current account of the balance of payments and the reduction of the public debt stock as a percentage of GDP.

The statement said that measures boost a return to economic growth in Angola, after a long period of recession, were also under analysis.

The statement said that this was the case with the introduction of a flexible exchange rate system that made it possible to adjust the value of the national currency to market conditions, and the deepening of monetary policy instruments, with the adoption of a new monetary system that improved the ability to forecast liquidity flows.

"Participants in AEO 2023 will also examine current challenges and risks and assess strategies that will make it possible to maintain the gains made so far and consolidate the process of recovery of economic activity," the note reads out.

As part of the next National Development Plan (PDN) 2023-2027, the statement said, the speakers will discuss the need to prioritise programmes that promote human capital, expansion and modernisation of infrastructure and speed up diversification of the economy.

According to the organisation, the event will be opened by the Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior.

The panels and debate table will be attended by the Minister for the Economy and Planning, Mário Caetano João, Finance Minister, Vera Daves de Sousa, the governor of the National Bank of Angola, José de Lima Massano, and representatives of international institutions, the business sector and banks.

The 1st edition of the Angola Economic Outlook - AEO 2023, taking place under the slogan, "From economic recovery to sustainable development," is an economic observation platform that aims to allow investors and other operators to anticipate their decisions based on the projected scenarios

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)