nanu — The Revolutionary Free Call App – Expands Service With New iOS App And Enhanced Android Version

- Enhanced Android version gives users a way of making unlimited free calls, even to non-nanu phones

SINGAPORE, Feb. 23, 2015 / PRNewswire – nanu, the free call app that is popular in the emerging markets, has officially launched nanu for iOS and has also released an enhanced Android version as the next step in its mission to bring free calls to everyone, everywhere, even on 2G.

The new Android version has been developed specifically to overcome the multiple challenges of providing stable high quality Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) calls in the emerging markets where poor connectivity is prevalent.

Daniel Nygate, CTO of nanu, explained “Unlike traditional VoIP apps, nanu brings VoIP to the emerging markets for the first time. But there are many challenges, both technical and cultural, to overcome. Based upon invaluable feedback from our users since our launch, we have addressed these issues and solved many challenges in providing VoIP services to emerging markets. In addition, many users want to make calls nanu-to-non nanu and we have developed an innovative and fun way for them to make unmetered free calls to non-nanu landline and mobile phones in 48 countries worldwide by earning free minutes when downloading 3rd party apps on Android phones.”

On the launch of nanu’s iOS version, Martin Nygate, CEO of nanu, added “We are pleased to launch nanu for iOS as many of our users requested it – this goes to show that nanu has distinct advantages, such as mobility and cost, over existing VoIP apps even in developed markets operating in 3G and 4G.”

Since its launch in August 2014, nanu’s growth has been exponential and nanu now boasts users in over 200 countries with particular concentration in the large emerging markets such as India, SE Asia, Middle East and South America where a low bandwidth environment such as 2G is forecast to remain prevalent.

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is a revolutionary mobile call app that utilizes proprietary ultra low bandwidth VoIP technology and an advert sponsored free call business model to provide high quality free calls to everyone, everywhere, even on 2G.