Togo, at UN, calls for enhancing efforts of small countries to combat spread of terrorism

Addressing the General Assembly today, Kokou Kpayedo, the Permanent Representative of Togo to the United Nations, reiterated his country's voluntary commitment in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and stressed that enhanced cooperation in responding to security threats and ensuring reform of the Security Council are needed to secure their wide implementation.

"Togo, pilot country for the objectives of sustainable development, volunteered during the political High-Level Political Forum under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council in July, to take part in the Progress Report of the integration of the Agenda in national strategies and programs for development," saidMr. Kpayedo, noting that at that time, his delegations had demonstrated an advanced implementation roadmap, and also shared the significant progress made in the implementation of key actions.

The SDGs should help transform the world by giving priority to the most vulnerable groups such as women, youth, children, populations affected by conflict and disasters, migrants and refugees, he continued, adding: "No development program can succeed and remain sustainable if the national context in which it must be implemented is not peaceful and stable." As such, Togo is working to eradicate poverty and hunger, which he considered "the roots of insecurity and terrorism."

An effective fight against terrorism requires States to continue to work together and further strengthening of cooperation between their competent technical and information-sharing services. "It also requires that the most affluent countries agree to support [small] States such as Togo, which do not have the resources to develop mechanisms and appropriate means of countering terrorism," he added, noting that his country will host the special Summit of the African Union on the security and maritime safety and development in Africa.

"The goal is to agree on a joint statement to better prevent and cope with insecurity at sea and promoting sustainable and inclusive development of the blue economy, in line with [the 2030 Agenda] and the Paris Agreement," he said.

Source: UN News Centre.