PPF is concerned over the murder of journalist Marcel Lubala Kalala in DRC

Pakistan Press Foundation has written a letter to Augustin Matata Ponyo, Prime Minister of

Democratic Republic of the Congo to express concerned over the murder of Radio-Television Nationale Congolaise journalist Marcel Lubala Kalala in Mbuji-Mayi.

PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali in his letter urged the government of Congo to shed full light on this murder and to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

According to Journaliste en danger, on November 15th, a group of armed men clad in military uniform intruded into the house of Marcel and overpowered his family members. They tied up his wife and children. When Marcel tried to run away, the armed men shot him three times in the neck and the stomach that caused his instant death. They also left a note with his dead body that read “finally, we got him!”

It was reported that Marcel was summoned to the office of national intelligence, Agence Nationale des Renseignements (ANR) the eve of his assassination over a “family affair”.

His murder lessened the freedom of expression in DRC and increased figure of brutality. About 14 journalists have been killed in circumstances that have never been unraveled over the past 10 years in the DRC.