The forthcoming meeting, which will be held in Havana, for the preparation of the 9th volume of the General History of Africa, has a special significance for the bond between Cuba and Africa, a Unesco representative stated today.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, Ali Moussa, director of History and Culture Department, highlighted that the respective venue was chosen due to 'the relationships between Cuba and African continent, as well as due to all Cuban solidarities for the African struggle against Apartheid'.

The specialist will be travelling to Havana to attend this meeting led by Unescos International Scientific Committee, which will be conducted from tomorrow to January 28th.

During this gathering, the presentations of authors for the preparation of the 9th volume shall be considered.

Moussa regarded it as very important, coordinated by the cooperation of Casa de las Americas and Casa de A�frica which will be hosting this meeting.

Accordingly, he explained that the new volume is part of 'a huge project' started off in 1964 in order to bring the whole African history together, which helped to 'renew the knowledge on A�frica for the rest of the world.'.

The last volume came to light in 1999 and we are working to create a new one, so as to include the most recent researches in the diverse fields of knowledge, as well as to examine A�fricaA�s challenges on such issues as youth and counter-terrorism.

Moussa informed that as part of planned activities, the UNESCOA�s International Scientific Committee will also hold meetings with Cuban researchers and artists.

The participants will also have the possibility to share with the world-known Congolese musician and speaker of the international coalition of artists for African history, Ray Lema, who will be travelling to Havana as part of the delegation.