Internal Affairs

ARP: “All blocs will be represented in ARP bureau and committees” (statement)

All parliamentary blocs will be represented in the Bureau of the Assembly of People's Representatives (ARP) and in the 13 parliamentary committees thanks to proportional representation, said MP Abderrazek Aouidet. from the Echaab movement, adding that no bloc will be able to monopolise a committee.

Aouidet told TAP Monday independent MPs will be treated as a parliamentary group and therefore the distribution of MPs to committees will include the 7 entities within the parliament, namely the 6 blocs and the independents.

The statement by the Echab MP came during a session held on Tuesday at the Bardo Palace to announce the quota of parliamentary blocs in the parliamentary bureau and committees.

Aouidet pointed out that the independent MPs will be the most represented in the parliamentary committees and the parliamentary bureau in terms of their number.

The ARP's rules of procedure confirmed the formation of 13 committees, including the Committee on General Legislation, the Committee on Rights and Freedoms, the Committee on Foreign Relations, International Cooperation and the Affairs of Tunisians Abroad, the Committee on Finance and Budget, and the Committee on Agriculture and Food Security.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse