Festive atmosphere spoiled by El Ghriba attack, says Perez Trabelsi

The attack perpetrated on Tuesday evening, in the vicinity of the Ghriba synagogue, "spoiled the festive atmosphere that was prevailing among the visitors," said President of El Ghriba pilgrimage steering committee Perez Trabelsi. Perez deplored in a statement to TAP, this heinous act, adding that the assailant's aim had been to undermine the region's security and disrupt the smooth running of the annual visit. The shooting occurred outside the synagogue as worshippers had been making their annual pilgrimage, which had been drawing to a close on Tuesday evening, he pointed out, adding that the two victims recorded among the visitors had been outside the Ghriba Temple at the time of the attack. The evacuation of the pilgrims had taken two hours after the incident, under high security surveillance, he underlined.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse