Government pledges emergency response to rain damage

Angolan Executive has pledged to respond to the damage caused by the rains that hit the country from August 15, 2022 to April 21, 2023, with the capital Luanda bearing the brunt of the disaster.

The Executive's multi-sector team for emergencies and disasters is preparing responses, based on the distribution of food, reinforcement for the creation of shelter and distribution of essential materials for the affected families.

The actions include the de-silting of macro-drainage ditches and a work to raise the awareness of citizens who build in risk areas or on water courses.

Speaking to the press on Monday, the executive secretary of the National Commission of the Civil Protection Service, Manuel Lutango, who did not reveal the amount to be spent, said that during the said period the rains affected 90,528 people across the country.

He put at 332 the number of people killed as result of rain, 649 injured, 4,292 homes damaged and 3,827 destroyed, as well as 1,741 homes inundated.

The provincial government of Luanda started on Sunday the delivery of various goods to the municipalities to support the affected families.

In recent days, 50 people have died, mainly in the provinces of Luanda, Lunda Norte and Cabinda, and more than 450 have been injured due to the heavy rains that have fallen in the country.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)