Ho will transform in four years-MP hopeful

Dr Robert Kofi Doh, a National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary aspirant for the Ho Central Constituency has announced plans to transform the regional capital within his first tenure as MP.

The medical practitioner and entrepreneur who is based in the Region said he had a work plan that would develop Ho into one of the most promising cities in the country.

Addressing delegates and other stakeholders at his campaign launch in Ho he said a new dawn would be heralded with his election, and outlined an ambitious task of developing?agriculture, tourism, and other viable sectors to affect livelihoods.

'I have come from humble beginnings to a medical profession, and I understand the plight of the people.

'I will ensure that the light shines on all no matter who you are or where you belong.

'There are lots of economic transformation that will come to Ho. We will develop tourism and Ho will be transformed in four years. Ho will compete and be a model for other constituencies.

'This is a new beginning for Ho constituency. This is the time, and we will lead as leaders and as kings and queens,' Dr. Doh said.

The Constituency had as many opportunities as challenges and would work to ensure the numerous employment avenues benefited locals.

He said the city's long overlooked water challenges would be addressed with an expansion project to meet the ever-growing population demand, and mentioned support for the youth in sports, saying that talent hunts and other initiatives would be designed to help expose and elevate them.

Dr. Doh said within plans to transform the Party at the branches and the roots, is the revamping of the welfare scheme, which he said was 'very important.'

The aspirant is facing six others in his bid to become a parliamentary candidate, and these include Stanley Nelvis Glate, and Edem Kofi Kpotosu, both who had contested the candidature.

The Ho Central Constituency has seven aspirants and relates to the Ketu North Constituency as the only two in the Region, whose representatives in Parliament did not file for renomination, and have the highest number of aspirants.

Dr. Doh placed last on the ballot paper per the outcome of a lot of casts at the vetting, and he touted the spiritual and numerological symbolism of the number.

The campaign launch was attended by delegates from across the Constituency and local and regional executives.

All 75 aspirants from across the Region have been approved by the Vetting Committee, and campaigns are being rolled out as the days close in on the primaries, which has been scheduled for May 13, 2023.

Source: Ghana News Agency