Impersonator Gets Three Years

Kasane - A 42-year-old man, who was found guilty of impersonation and obtaining by false pretences, has been sentenced to three years for each offence.

Mosotho Maiba, who had defrauded a public service employee by obtaining P12 000 claiming to be from the Office of the President (OP), imitated the President's voice as well as other other public employees.

Maiba committed the same crime of obtaining by false pretense for the first time in 2009.

He was then sentenced to five strokes as indicated by the prosecutor's report.

Maiba, who pleaded guilty to all the charges, requested Magistrate Gofaone Morwe to be lenient when giving his verdict as he was a breadwinner with four children under his care.

Giving his verdict, Magistrate Morweng said the court was satisfied with Maiba's plea, citing that he showed remorse.

He said he would not use the previous offence against him as it was committed a while back.

Magistrate Morweng also observed that Maiba had wrongly used the name of the President and his office to commit the offence.

He was also ordered to compensate the victim, Mr Chikuni Situmbeko, whom he tricked into giving him P12 000.

SOURCE: Daily News