Kenya: Anti-Gay Groups in Campaign to ‘Prevent Sodom’

Several lobby groups have launched a campaign against homosexuality. They want the government to declare it a crime. The groups yesterday kicked off the ‘Zuia Sodom Kabisa’ (Prevent Sodom Completely) petition to collect a million signatures against homosexuality in Kenya.

The groups include the Save Our Men Initiative, Maendeleo ya Wanaume, the Kikuyu Council of Elders, religious groups and professionals. “The support the homosexual community is getting from Western governments like the Netherlands, USA and Germany has given homosexuals boldness that borders on intimidation for the few voices of reason that are standing against their onslaught,” said Peter Munga, the chairman of Mandate Initiative.

Munga said the “vocal and incessant support” homosexuals are getting from US President Barack Obama is worrying. Save Our Men’s Jasiel Njau said Uganda has been threatened with Western aid cuts for outlawing homosexuality “based on scientific-cultural facts and sound moral considerations”.

“The penal code that out-laws homosexuality in Kenya is being flouted by the homosexual society citing the Bill of Rights enshrined in our constitution,” Njau said.

Harrisson Kinyanjui, a lawyer, said the million-signature petition to Parliament and the judiciary is to ensure that the constitution is “not subjected to the liberal interpretation in favour of the homosexual community”.

“This will culminate in a consensus march on Saturday April 5, as we submit the signatures,” Kinyanjui said. Archbishop Arthur Kitonga said homosexulity poses “a real threat to the core foundation” of Kenyan society.

“This is a moral issue which goes against the conscience of the silent majority in Kenya,” Kitonga said. Maendeleo ya Wanaume’s Nderitu Njoka said homosexuality is “a serious threat” to life, community and the youth. “Join us as we save the family,” he said.