Krachi-Nchumuru NCCE engages residents on peace, tolerance

The Krachi-Nchumuru District Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), with support from the European Union (EU), has sensitised artisans at Banda on the need to promote peace and tolerance. Mr. Abass Yussif, Krachi-Nchumuru NCCE District Director, speaking at the programme advised the artisans to work to build national cohesion which would lead to peace and development of the district and Ghana as a whole. He said chieftaincy, land, religious and tribal conflicts are common in the district, so they should help in ending them. The District Director said the Krachi-Nchumuru District Assembly spent a colossal amount of its Internally Generated Funds which should have gone into development projects on Security agencies to maintain law and order in some communities fighting among themselves. Mr Yussif said violent extremist groups could infiltrate these chieftaincy and tribal conflicts to cause more harm to life and property, so they should stop those acts. He also advised them to be mindful of visitors they received and do background checks on them as most terrorists camouflage themselves as visitors and carried out their activities unnoticed. The District Director said they must be careful of strange items they found in market squares, mosques, Church premises, hospitals, and schools as terrorist groups target those popular places for attack. Mr Martin Asiam Atta, a Principal Field Officer of the NCCE, urged the artisans to concentrate on learning their profession since it would help them earn a decent living. He also asked the female artisans to check the backgrounds of males who proposed love to them so as not to harbour terrorists ignorantly. Similar engagements were held at Borae, Chinderi and Boafri communities.

Source: Ghana News Agency