Last warning; so you say!

[B]Opponents are talking about “last warning”. So therefore CST has fired the last rounds by the operation “Jericho”.
FAURE Gnassingbé, however, always seems to decide to go by force. He and his father total 45 years in power. So, they have seen pass by the reign of Charles de Gaulle, Pompidou, Valérie Giscard d’Estaing, Mitterrand, Chirac and more recently Nicolas Sarkozy. [/B]

Oh Yes! Since 1967 and 2005 at the wheels of Togo are Eyadéma and his son Faure Gnassingbé.
For the hard working Minister of Administration and territory Gilbert Bawara, “there is no doubt. Faure is what Togo needs “.
His Prime Minister Ahoumey Zunu who first cut its political teeth alongside Edem Kodjo before switching his rifle to UNIR, Faure’s party, goes further radio Africa N ° 1: “Faure can and wants to stay until 2025. It is as if a curse has been put on Togo.

In the land of dummies, it is well known that Dummies also give lessons. Here, no one is shocked to see that it is not normal to lead a country for 45 years and get the result that slaps us in the face.
Nobody is wasting their time to figure out that time has proven that father Gnassingbé, even less the son can change a country that they have spent 45 years to degrade and to plunder. Even worse, a certain breed of Togolese is even proud to sell the image of the “small time despot”, quoting the French Socialist MP Launey, as the only Togolese able to save Togo from the tsunami, the white plague, in brief, from all corruption and evil from a country dogged by its loss of direction and identity can suffer.
Beyond that we bore the international community by claiming that the opposition is divided and aimless, which is why the Gnassingbe’s have such a success. Even the government feels ashamed of the reputation they are giving of their own country for being too busy to show “activism” that is too good to be true.
How much press coverage had we not read that makes Faure he who has pacified Togo? How many claims had we not heard from these unrepentant and shameless shadowy ‘bonus hunters’ who make us believe that tomorrow will be better and that Faure has been successful where all the entire opposition would have failed? The hardest to chew is that they want to portray as a Democrat someone whose belts ties ooze blood of poor Togolese.
What we say about this open door looting by the financial authorities that forces us to wear hoods in order to hide from the sad reality? And yet it is well Faure who is seated at the top and runs Togo as he wants.
As far as the opposition is concerned, democracy by the “verb” which is basically rants by proxy megaphones will not yield change anything in Togo.
Let’s be clear: As long as the Togolese opposition will not have the bright idea to put the balance of terror in its strategy, Faure Gnassingbe will laugh at all of their initiatives.
However, the Togolese opposition is supposed to push for democracy, is not even capable of looking after itself. Currently, for example, it is still embroidered in trivial misunderstandings on the method to adopt. And yet, the legislative elections are already around the corner. How and in what conditions is it preparing the alternation? With the pointless bickering? It is up to it to deny it.

The same virus of division has spread to all the platforms of the Opposition where each calls into question the legitimacy of the other and vice versa.
It is currently the case of the group called “CST – Rainbow” where the war is raging. The Togolese are witnessing public rows on a daily basis. The latest: Claude Ameganvi withdrawn himself from CST without any form of due process.
The opposition must actively seek credibility and unite in the eyes of national and international opinion.

Faced with such situation, the peace and freedom-loving people of Togo could approve what was said a few years ago by the Ivorian singer Tiken Jah Fakoli: “go tell the politicians that they remove our names from their business, we have has understood everything”.