Maternal and Neonatal Mortality: Caesarean Subsidy in Togo

[B]A national forum on the subsidies to help with the cost of caesarean births has brought together in Lomé on Monday 23rd April, health technicians, decision makers and partners to permit exchanges on the strategy in order to identify the strengths.[/B]

The maternal and child health together with the maternal and neonatal mortality remain a development issue in Togo as in many countries south of the Sahara.

This meeting/assessment will allow for an overview of activities, a year after the decision to grant the subsidy., to analyse results, identify and correct bottlenecks, highlight weaknesses with a view to implement measures for the improvement of maternal and child health.

In Togo, despite many initiatives, the reduction of maternal mortality remains a challenge.

Recent estimates indicate 350 maternal deaths per 1000 live births.

For Mr. SIKA Kokou Dogbé, Health Director, the great worry of this Forum is to extend the grant of the caesareans to complicated pregnancies such as extra-uterine pregnancies.