MOAB POWER Launches Long Life Pay-As-You-Go Solar Home System

US solar energy storage and lighting firm launches the picoPOD™ family of solar rechargeable, lithium powered LED lighting products for the energy poor

TAMPA, Florida, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — MOAB POWER announces the launch of its picoPOD product line of Pay-As-You-Go [PAYGO] ready, plug-n-play Solar Home System, incorporating Lumeter Network’s PAYGO technology.

The picoPOD lineup, with a 10+ year battery life, provides more power and a brighter lighting alternative in the smallest package to the 1.6 billion plus energy poor at the Base of the Pyramid than the competition. “We are truly excited to be part of MOAB Power’s picoPOD lineup, with its state-of-the-art design and smart technology,” said Mitra Ardron, CEO of Lumeter Networks.

The picoPOD utilizes proprietary, safe, 10-year lithium cells, coupled with smart power management and an LED gauge. Enclosed in a small form factor case, it is less than 1/3 the size and weight of competing lead acid systems.

The picoPOD lineup consists of 30Wh and 60Wh batteries, each with 4x12v and 2 USB ports, for LED lighting, mobile phone charging and powering DC appliances such as Fans, Radios, Televisions, etc. A 90Wh, laptop version, is also in the works.

Included with the picoPOD, are appropriately sized solar panels, 3x1W [100 Lumen] LED lights and a multi-tip mobile phone charging cable. The picoPOD products are available with customer branding, with or without PAYGO, for a full 3-year warranty. 160 Lumen – 1 Watt LED lights are optional.

The picoPOD units will become available beginning January 2016, through select distributors and retailers worldwide. For distribution inquiries, please email

MOAB POWER is a global design/build firm, specializing in mobile and portable lithium energy storage technology. Founded in 2011, it is a spinoff off a 20+ year old technology pioneer, with roots in the solar and battery technology, for commercial, industrial, military and space. It is the team that brought the world, its first lithium battery power bank in 1997 and its first solar embedded, lithium power bank in 2007.


San Francisco, CA based Lumeter Networks provides SMS-based, Pay-As-You-Go network and power meter technology to product manufacturers and last mile distributors for the bottom of the pyramid.

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