Nimon Toki Lala celebrates 30 years of career

[B]Nimon Toki Lala, the Togolese singer is celebrating 30 years of career. The event was announced Friday by the artist during a press conference at hotel Fabrice in Lomé.[/B]

To commemorate this event, the singer will begin from March 16, 2012 in Mango a tour across the country during which she will take the opportunity to launch her ninth album, an album of 12 tracks, called Ouragan Katrina (Hurricane Katrina); reference to the hurricane that hit the southern United States in 2005, killing 1322.

The highlight of her tour will be a huge concert scheduled on May 5, 2012 in Lomé, palais des congrès. The tour is under the sign of “respect for public property and the highway code.”

“17 and 18 March, I will be in Dapaong and in Cinkassé. On March 31, I will travel down to Sokodé and on April 7, I will go to Kara.” Said the singer.

April 13, she will be in Kpalimé and the following day in Atakpamé.

Nimon Toki Lala started her career in 1982.

Among her most popular albums are Ayélé, En feu, Obé, Ca déménage, Bonne année, Pétito and Oublie-moi.

[B]Nimon Toki Lala – Fifi Moussowo:[/B]