NPP's Findings Are Cogent (Ghanaian Chronicle)

We, the Patriotic Action for National Interest (PANI) want to commend the leadership of New Patriotic Party (NPP) for its findings and recommendations for ensuring a free and fair election come 2016. The evidence that were laid bare at the press conference on Tuesday is very serious and should be an urgent matter of national concern.

While some of the evidence is incriminatory, taken as a whole, they strongly show that Ghana’s voters register has been compromised and rendered unfit for purpose, hence, the need for a replacement.

Patriotic Action for National Interest (PANI) is on the side of those who say that the integrity of Ghana’s present voters register is questionable and will give room for another election dispute. That is why we advise its replacement.

We should avoid all disputes by replacing it early to make our forthcoming elections credible, devoid of major faults and free of malpractices. At PANI, we have now seen and believe that over the years, persons have come from Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo to vote in Ghana’s general elections; mostly in the presidential polls. So that more often than not, the presidential votes of these suspected areas shoot up abnormally.

Patriotic Action For National Interest (PANI) We have also scrutinized the evidence that were put across by the NPP leadership and we have come to conclude that the EC have no alternative but to replace the current voters register; for it can no longer serve as a base document for the all-important process to determining who becomes Ghana’s president. Charlotte Osei should live up to expectation and not to be seen as tyrannical like her predecessor but as the one who believes in dialoguing.

Together We Shall Make Ghana A Better Place To Live!