President Saied rejects accusations of anti-Semitism as he visits Ariana

President Kais Saied visited the city of Ariana on Saturday, where he took stock of the general situation in the city and listened to the concerns and aspirations of its citizens.

This visit comes in the wake of the criminal attack on the island of Djerba. It was also an opportunity for the President of the Republic to recall the collective memory of Tunisia, where Jews and Muslims lived together.

The Head of State recalled some unforgettable facts that testify to the deep-rooted solidarity between Tunisians, Muslims and Jews.

«Here, in this place where I am now, Tunisian Jews fleeing from the Nazi forces that had set up their tents found refuge in this house, my grandfather's house," President Saied recalled in a video footage published by the Presidency.

«The video is a small but powerful response to those who distort history, falsify facts and spread falsehoods,» the Head of State said, pointing out that «they are only interested in conspiring against the state and endangering social peace.»

President Saied took the opportunity to send a message to Western capitals and foreign parties that are quick to make false accusations of anti-Semitism. He criticised a «blatant duplicity of attitude and a short memory to understand history, the real history.»

«These parties do not hesitate to make false accusations of anti-Semitism while turning a deaf ear when it comes to addressing the plight of the Palestinians who are dying every day,» he denounced.

The President stressed in a defiant tone that «the Palestinian people will manage to triumph against all odds and regain their stolen land.»

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse