Risen Energy to Invest a Total of 96.72 million USD to Set Up Internet Finance and Financial Leasing Subsidiaries

NINGBO, China, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Leading professional solar PV manufacturer Risen Energy Co., Ltd will set up an internet finance service subsidiary to create a new ecosystem of energy production and consumption, investment and financing.

The company will make use of its modern digital and mobile communications and internet technology by combining new energy power stations and the internet through cloud computing and big data. The registered capital for the project is about 16.12 million USD to be supplied by Risen.

Moreover, Risen Energy and wholly owned subsidiary, Risen Energy (HongKong) Co., Ltd also plan to set up Risen Energy (Shanghai) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Registered capital is 80.6 million USD and once established, Risen Energy and Risen Energy (HongKong) will hold 55% and 45% of the new company’s shares respectively.

Setting up the two companies will accelerate Risen Group’s promotion of the ‘new energy + financial innovation + internet’ business, and will help implement the structure and strategic upgrade plan of the energy internet financial ecosystem. It will also expand the business scope, improving core competitiveness, profitability and risk resistance, which will form the new profit growth point.

Due to the long-time stable income of new energy power stations and the channels of finance leasing companies, users can invest via the internet finance service subsidiary. For the duration of the investment, interest is paid to users automatically and when finished, the debt repurchase transaction can be completed, achieving the organic integration of new energy power stations and internet finance.

By using financial leasing as the precursor and making the new energy power companies the main target markets, Risen Energy (Shanghai) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd will rely on the industrial base, channels and customers of Risen Energy to innovate PV financial products and profit modules in financial leasing and gradually expand to construction of solar supporting facilities with the innovative awareness of a professional finance lease management team and the perfect market.

Chairman Lin said that in future, Risen Energy (Shanghai) Financial Leasing Co., Ltd will develop in other industries along with national industrial policies,enabling it to become a comprehensive financial leasing company in the field of new energy, and laying a solid foundation for achieving the goal of greater global development.