Somalia: Mogadishu Car Bomb Targets Intelligence Base

Mogadishu — At least 12 persons including intelligence officers have been reported dead after an explosive-laden car exploded near an intelligence base in Mogadishu on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

According to witnesses, a speedy car hit a bussy restaurant near a security checkpoint at the entrance to Habar-khadijo intelligence base in Mogadishu’s Shibis district.

“I saw 12 bodies lying motionless on the ground and other 8 people were wounded in the thunderous explosion. The security forces immediately cordoned off the roads leading to the scene of the attack,” an eyewitness told GO.

Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group has claimed responsibility for the deadly blast, saying further attacks will be organized very soon.

Last Friday, Al Shabaab gunmen stormed the heavily guarded presidential compound, with a suicide bomber firstly ramming a vehicle packed full of explosives into the palace. Former Deputy Chief of National Intelligence and Security Agency Gen. Nuur Shirbow and a secretary working for Prime minister’s office were killed.

The militant group heightened rampage in Mogadishu as military style ambushes and suicide attacks on government institutions have been proliferating at an alarming rate.