Tanzania: Eight artisanal miners killed in Geita

EIGHT small scale miners were killed after being trapped in an unlicensed mine located at Igando village of Igando ward in Tanzania’s Geita Region.

Geita Regional Police Commander ACP Safia Jongo revealed this at a press conference immediately after rescuers managed to retrieve trapped bodies.

Jongo said that the artisanal small-scale miners were trapped early Saturday when mud water, resulted from heavy rain, made its way to the pit.

He named people who died in the tragedy as Juma Pamba (42), Akili Anthony (40), Samwel John (25), Juma Swalele (50), Simon Mabula (40) Kamala Nyambogo (30), Bahati Nyambogo (25) and Juma Sumuni (53).

“The incident occurred at Igando village. The miners were from Ipalamasa. Maybe they were not aware that the area was restricted or they knew but deliberately defied the laws that prohibited anyone to mine at the said area…” the regional Police boss told reporters.

Source: Nam News Network (NNN)