VPower Enters a New Market in Africa

– VPower plans to expand to a second Africa country and pitch in on Ghana’s effort to diversify its electricity generation mix

HONG KONG, Aug. 14, 2015 / PRNewswire – VPower Group, one of the leading independent power providers (IPP) recently announced expansion plans into Ghana, following its first fast track power installation in Africa in Chad. This will also be the first gas-power generation plant by VPower in Africa.

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“Gas-fuel power generation holds great potential for Ghana, offering impressive reduction in emissions and fuel-to-power efficiencies. We have one of the most compact gas generator sets on the market, which cuts cost and time in transportation and installation. The high potential for domestic gas ( now gives us the opportunity to meet the country’s power demand in ways that improve the stability of power supply,” says Joel Castiel, VPower’s Regional Director for Africa.

Ghana has an installed power capacity of over 2,400MW to date, with power demand predicted to exceed 5,000MW by 2016. Driven by the Ministry of Energy’s objective to become a key exporter of electricity into the West Africa Power Pool (, in addition to meeting fast increasing domestic power demand, the Ghanaian government seeks to meet its goal of an 80% electrification rate by 2016. (

VPower’s gas-powered units are fitted with advance MTU gas engines and delivers power at one of the best efficiencies for category. Bringing energy solutions to support local government’s commitment to meeting capacity targets, fast and cost effectively is among the key focus for VPower. In 2014, VPower launched their first power installation to generate 20MW in N’Djamena, Chad. By 2017, VPower will be generating a total of 2GW of power in fast growing economies including Indonesia, Bangladesh and Myanmar. The expansion marks the company’s commitment to deliver leading power generation technology and know-how to regions where power demands continue to outstrip supply.

VPower boasts one of the fastest power gen set deployments in the industry, leveraging leading proprietary system design and integration and a compact and optimized genset fleet, bringing customers great flexibility in generating the electricity they need within short periods of time.

About VPower Group

VPower is a leading independent power provider delivering fast-track, short to medium term mobilized power solutions. Its primary business scope is to invest in on-demand power installations, complete with comprehensive system integration, O&M and EPC services to growing economies and businesses around the world. Established in 1995, VPower is now the largest power solution provider in high speed generator-set systems in China and Asia. Delivering cost-effective, eco-conscious power in record time to rapidly developing regions with immediate needs is VPower’s mission. It is headquartered in Hong Kong with a global presence, employing over 800 employees worldwide.

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