We need unity to tackle developmental challenges – Naaba Akambonga

Naaba Musah Akambonga, President of the Council of Zongo Chiefs in the Ashanti region, has called for unity and peaceful co- existence amongst all tribal heads of Zongo communities in the Ashanti region.

He said, it was time tribal leaders faced the realities, accommodated one another, and committed themselves towards promoting development in their areas for the benefit of the people.

'It is time we have to do away with sectarianism and divisions in ideologies since this is the only way to promote collective approach to tackle the developmental challenges of the nation and Zongo communities in particular,' Naaba Akambonga said.

Naaba Akambonga made the call at the annual Muslim traditional durbar, 2023 in Kumasi at the weekend.

The durbar was under the theme 'Importance of Unity and Progress in Zongo Communities.'

He pointed out that, until the leadership of the various tribal groups formed a strong united front to galvanize the people to undertake pragmatic socio-economic measures, Zongo communities in Ghana, particularly Kumasi, would continue to experience developmental challenges.

The President of the Council further indicated that the patriotic spirit of every person must therefore be brought together in the fight towards national development.

Naaba Musah Akambonga noted that, when this became the case, every person would be prepared to die a little for others through the spirit of patriotism, irrespective of the sector in which one found himself.

He stated it was critical for all tribal heads in Zongo communities to come together in peace, whether as political players, economic and social actors, or even as religious people.

He emphasised that sectarianism, ideological differences, factionalism, and tribal rivalry among the people in Zongo communities over the years, were the major contributors stagnating development and poverty among the people in Zongo communities.

He noted that it was disheartening to realized that various groups have been organizing different programmes to promote Zongo development, but serious problems continued to exist due to sharp differences among the people in Zongo communities especially among the tribal heads.

He used the occasion to call on all tribal heads in the Ashanti Region to come together to form a formidable force to champion the development of Zongo communities.

Naaba Musah Akambonga also took the opportunity to pray for the late Sarkin Zongo of the Ashanti Region, Sultan Umar Farouk Saeed, who died some few months ago and hoped that the person elected to succeed him 'the late Sarkin Zongo' would be loved by all.

Source: Ghana News Agency